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Perfect for part time care. See us on the regular and choose one of the two options and save money!

 a) 2 hours for 4 days every week

 b) 4 hours for 2 days every week
No cancellation fees.

 Only $70 a week for children above 2 and only $80 a week for under 2. 

Siblings only $56 a week or $64 a week. 


About Our Services

Drop Off Play

We know moms and dads just need some time for themselves either so they can finish something at work or just to get some R&R. We also know moms and dads want their children to have fun and make friends. Our drop off play center is perfect for that. Many parents love our hourly rate to provide a slow transition for children who have never been away from home. Our facility is made to provide hours of fun while supervised by energetic and child loving play experts. We monitor and provide access to our viewing cameras straight to your phone upon request when they are in our playhouse. For security, access codes to cameras change everyday. 

We welcome children 2-12 with no prior notice but we need to hear from mom or dad for children less than 2 years old at least 2 hours ahead of their visit. Our facility separates children by age group to ensure age appropriate activities and play centers while having enough access for siblings to see and interact with each other. 

We are non discriminatory and accept all children with their unique characteristic, traits, and situations. We will do our very best to accommodate each and everyone's needs to the best of our ability. Our staff is experienced with special needs, and disabilities. Our staff can communicate through ASL and baby sign language. 

We require children to bring a change of clothes, wipes and diaper/training pants if they are not yet potty trained. We will also help potty training your children during their stay here. For naps, your child may bring in their favorite blanket. 

Day Camps

Whenever school is closed in
Cobb County, we offer our Day Camps to School Aged children. Parents can continue with their normal routine while the children enjoy a break from everyday school while still socializing, learning, playing and making new friends at camp. We offer several activities throughout the day to our campers. 

Language Classes

Language classes introduces and enhances a child's multi lingual ability. Learning a new language is always better when you start them young. This skill will help your child in their future and present endeavors while developing a respect for different cultures and widening their horizon. Enroll them now for Korean, ASL, Spanish or Tagalog. 

Parties and Events

We don't just want to watch the kids, we want to be part of your life! They say it takes a village! Use our event room for birthday parties, team building, luncheons and any other meeting or event you can think of that you wish people can attend without worrying about where the kids would go. 

STEAM Learning

All children should grow up with a sense of purpose. Our S.T.E.A.M Learning programs make life more interesting for children who participate in them. Here, they develop valuable skills such as effective communication, team work, self expression, self control and practical application. We want kids to not only have fun with us but also to learn and grow with us. We want to harness their natural curiosity and set them down the right path of discovery while having a blast. STEAM Learning programs reinforce concepts of science, technology, engineering and math through crafting projects. Families already enrolled in regular drop off  will receive a 30% discount on Steam Registration.

Toddler Tinks 

Toddler Tinks is a special STEAM Learning program geared towards children who are two years old to three years old.While the child is enrolled in Toddler Tinks they will gain knowledge on observing and identifying the world around them while also identifying numbers, letters and concepts of basic sciences. Each session is an hour long starting with an introduction to the activity, lecture, demonstration and finally children craft their own project with assistance. We encourage every child to show their understanding of the lecture through their craft. (5 week program once a week to receive certificate or 5 sessions of all topics attended)   (Monday to Friday 2:00 pm-3:00 pm)     

Little Tikes

Little Tikes is a STEAM Learning program that is designed specifically for children ages four to six. Within this program the children will begin to learn basic science studies, such as: electricity, gravity and animal behavior. Each program is an hour long and starts with a story telling lecture, question and answer and finally constructing a craft relating to the lecture. Children who participate in this program will also learn how to speak about their work with their peers adding the value of self expression and using new words they have learned. (8 sessions to attend to receive certificate)   (Monday to Friday 3:30 pm-4:30 pm)  

Big Kids

Big Kids STEAM learning is for our oldest age group of 7 years old to 12 years old. While in this program the older children will start to learn problem solving techniques, basic anatomy,and enhance public speaking skills. It is our belief that in this age group, children must be able to show and tell  what they have learned in school, we are here to help them with this through facilitation. Each session is an hour long and is recommended to be taken twice a week. (16 sessions to receive certificate)  (Monday to Friday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm) 

Parent Mingle

We hold events for parents, grand parents and friends in our party room while kids play in general admission. Activities range from parent manicures, in house date night, parenting forums, crafts and arts and game nights with the gang. Please sign up at the front desk for up coming events. Events are posted 3 weeks in advance and are subjected to seating availability. 


Early Childhood Sign Language Class (docx)