What to prepare


Any child that is left by a parent or guardian must be registered. Registration fees cover liability insurance, facility use, collects crucial contact and medical information about your child and keeps track of your child's activities. Please bring a copy of your government issued ID card, your child's medical insurance information (used only for emergencies) and fill out registration documents. You may obtain these documents at the front counter. 

Pack Some Essentials

Please pack your child a change of clothes, diapers and wipes (if applicable). You can send your child with snacks only in their original packaging. We are sensitive to allergies and we are a peanut free zone. We require snacks from outside to be in original packaging so that we can read the labels. We do serve hot meals here for only $6 anytime. Please pack your child's blanket if your drop off coincides with their nap time. We do have a dedicated nap room! 

Call Us

We serve our guest by first come first serve. We prefer to keep our staff at a 1:6 ratio (staff to children) and at very maxiumum 1:10, so we may deny your drop off until we have our backup staff or you may wait until a child is picked up. 

Call 678 265 8711

Even dads love us!

Reviews and testimonials

" I'm a mom of a wild little 2 year old boy and he and I LOVE this place. I literally have never left him with anyone but family and very close friends, but I got a really good vibe from the owner and my son, who's a stage 5 clinger, went straight to her out of my arms with no tears. I'm a business owner and my husband travels so I have already scheduled dates to drop my son off and get in a date night. There's a room where you can work on your laptop and still see out into the play area - very affordable rates. Go check them out!"-Angie Rea

" One of a kind place designed with such attention to detail for boys and girls ! My daughter has so much fun here! I would drive from far to come here even if it wasn't close !" -Damien Tapper

" We took our son here tonight, for our FIRST date night in 9 months! We were pleasantly surprised! Our son is 5, and has special needs. I have a hard time trusting anyone with him. I can honestly say, this place is great!!! We had a wonderful, much needed, date night! Most importantly, our son was well cared for and had a blast! We highly recommend Dez n' Elle's playhouse!" -Kristy Wagener

" I dropped my daughter off here for the first time. I was weary at first, but I came back to a happy toddler who didn't want to leave, Lol. She absolutely loved this place and enjoyed her time there. We plan on coming back very soon. The lady who was on shift that day was lovely and very sweet. She is great with kids! Highly recommended!" -Megan Hargrove

" So glad to find this place that my daughter loves. She is autistic and she is cared so well at this place.The staff is amazing & the facility is designed to be fun for the kids along with learning.Highly recommended" -Ekta Singh

" Perfect for date night! Our children (12 years and 18 months) loved it and didn’t want to leave!" -Kristina Linkous

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Is this a daycare?

We are an exempt program through Bright From the Start (State of Georgia: Department of Early Learning). We provide short term drop in care, before and after school extended hours, open play, day camps and family events. We are more like a play place with professional nannies than a daycare facility. 

Can I stay with my child instead of drop off?

Yes! Between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm (some times even till 7 pm), you can come for a stay and play (open play) Admission per child is only $10. Parents participating in this program must remain in the building for the duration of the child's stay. 

I have more than 1 child. Do you have discounts for me?

Yes! Siblings receive 40% off after the first child is paid in full anytime before 6 pm and 20% off after 6PM. Other discounts of up to 40% apply to some bundle packages. Check out our 

What if someone else will pick up my child?

Before we release your child to someone other than the person who dropped them off or listed in your registration, we require a pick up release form to be signed with details of the person picking up. A secret password is assigned and must be spoken by the person picking up when asked.  A copy of their photo ID will be kept on file. 

Can I work while my child plays?

Yes! Parents are welcome to stay and work while their children play. We can provide you with internet service for a one time fee of just $5. Parents participating in this program must attend to their childrens' needs as required (changing diapers, feedings etc.)

How secure is this facility?

Our facility is locked from the outside. Entrance is controlled and monitored by the staff on duty and they are trained to visually inspect all who are requesting entrance. We also have a motion censor camera at the front desk. Since our business is around childcare, we are at the priority list whenever we call 911. We have 10 security cameras in total and have passed all fire inspections. We also have protocol in place in case of any emergencies.